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General Questions

A website is not a luxury in today’s competitive markets. It is simply a must. Without a good website your business will always be a step behind your competition.

The key to building an effective website within budget restrictions is good planning and a great developer. We can assist you from the beginning of your planning process to the completion of your website in order to maintain solutions that strictly adhere to your budget restrictions and to avoid any surprises that could come up in the future.
We also provide our clients with a satisfaction guarantee giving you peace of mind. Lastly, we offer our clients an initial free consultation and sample design mockup free of charge with no obligation.
Therefore, if you are prepared to take your business to the next level, and improve your online marketing, contact us today, and we will be happy to be of service.

Depending on the details the average website takes from 5 to 8 weeks to build and launch. Of course, smaller more basic sites can be done much faster, and large-scale projects can take more than 8 weeks.

For design and development services, we do not charge recurring payments for any design work. Ongoing website maintenance, search engine optimization and web hosting are services that do have a recurring charge since they are ongoing services.

In most cases, we don't! Typically, the client provides all written content. We offer copy-writing services, copy-editing services and proofreading services to help you with your content. Optionally, you may choose the "as-is" standard, which means that we simply copy, paste, and format your text just as you send it... without correction. Its up to you how you want that handled.

Most of our work is original design. Unless you specifically ask for and provide a pre-fab template, we never use them. Some of the work in our portfolio is template-based, but those are client-provided templates. We are happy to accommodate if you want to use a template-monster sort of template, but only if you suggest it.

Absolutely! Different clients offer different levels of design input. If you prefer to tell us exactly what you want, we will do our best to make that happen. If you prefer to give us some general guidelines, but leave it up to us to create the concept, that works too.

Specific Questions

A freelancer is a self-employed web designer or developer who works independently and directly with their clients, while a reputable design & Development firm is an established company that provides complete solutions for clients.
The main advantage of using a firm is that the range of services they offer is much greater and their expertise in each of these services is usually a lot higher due to the fact that they have a team of people behind them.
Furthermore, in dealing with a firm, you have the peace of mind knowing that your developers will complete their assigned tasks on time and within the budget and will be there tomorrow when you need to take your web projects to the next level.
One main problem a lot of clients have faced in the past when dealing with freelancers is the lack of professionalism.

A professional web layout is not simply a layout that looks good. It also has to use proper color schemes, be functional and achieve its task of generating income or increasing the awareness of your products or services well.

Domain registration and web hosting is NOT commonly included in the web development process. However a good development firm will be there to consult you on what domains would be better and guide you through the process in order to achieve the maximum return on the investment you have made in purchasing a website.

Dedicated hosting is when your site is the only site on a given physical server. You may either use a third-party hosting company or opt to host your site on a server on site (not-recommended).
Shared hosting is when your site is hosted within a shared environment. In this case, multiple websites will be hosted by the provider on a given physical server.
The shared solution is much cheaper than the dedicated solution. However the drawback of the shared environment is that you are compromising on performance and security.

LAMP is an acronym for the Linux (operating system), Apache (web server), MySQL Database & Perl, PHP, or Python (scripting languages) used in combination to create a server.
This software was not written exclusively to be used together, but their combined solution is very popular in today’s servers. The main advantage of a LAMP server is that it uses all open source technologies that are free of charge.
At the same time the LAMP is perfectly suitable for use in small businesses all the way up to large enterprise solutions.

Microsoft web server is one that is setup on the Microsoft server 2003 operating system.
Microsoft products, being proprietary software, are quite costly, and many clients prefer to implement the LAMP server.
For more information on Microsoft Servers please refer to the Microsoft website.


Just send it to us , one of our experts will reply you as soon as possible , usually it takes one working day.

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